Friday, 8 May 2015

Our 3 winners!

We got such lovely drawings in for our drawing competition. Thank you for participating with such beautiful and fun ideas. Here are our three winners with their amazing shoe designs! 

♥ Congratulations Arthur, Lara and Edward ♥ You can now choose a pair of your favourite shoes at Menthe et Grenadine!

Lara aged 6 dreams of rainbow ballerinas with glitter and stars

My little sister Imo and I made this shoe together. We both love fairies and think that some may even live in our woods at home. This shoe is for the queen of the fairies. Our mummy helped a teeny tiny bit. Love Arthur, age 71/2 and Imo

Edward, aged 5 loves stars, hearts and shiny flowers
We had 3 very close contenders. These were Violet, Clara and George. Thank you for your lovely shoes, we loved all your comments and can see how much hard work and talent went into them.

My dream shoe has fairy wings to make you fly, speakers to play music and a magical princess crown to turn you into a princess, Violet aged 3

I like crystals and stones, and how my shoe sparkles around the edge! George, aged 7

Clara, aged 5, designed a sparkling shoe with a lovely pompon on the front

All these can be seen here